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Webinar recap – Applications, CVs and Cover Letters explained!

Last night Nigel Crawley took over other people’s screens and presented the first 2015 GradLink webinar to divulge his tips on job applications – specifically resumes and cover letters. It might have been April Fool’s Day but your CV and cover letter are the first impression perspective employers get of you – that’s no joke.

Students from across Australia tuned in to learn from Nigel’s knowledge from many years working within agribusiness and recruitment.  In case you missed it, here are 3 top tips from the first GradLink webinar of 2015:


  • Applications – Essentially, any application you submit (including your CV and cover letter) are like your individual sales documents. These ‘sales documents’ should tell your story so far, not just list past jobs. Show employers you as a person. BUT! It is also important to do this while considering who you are sending it to. You’ll need to tailor each application to each new employer you apply to.


  • Cover letters – It seems almost counter-intuitive that a cover letter written to sell you as the perfect person for the position should actually be more about them – the company! This is because your cover letter must do two things simultaneously – resonate with the company and show story behind your interest.


  • Resumes/C.Vs – Did you know that the HR managers are likely to only spend approximately 30 seconds reading your resume? That means your CV needs to show quickly and easily what makes you uniquely qualified to help a company meet their current challenges. You will need to do some research to uncover keywords, phrases and market intelligence relevant to the company and industry.


The GradLink 2015 Webinar series has been created to help university graduates make that leap from being a student to starting their career. The next webinar, on 7pm (AEST) on 22 April, will look into the intimidating task of interviews and taking employer phone calls. Read about it and sign up here >>