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About Gradlink Program

In 2004, Rimfire Resources established the GradLink program. It was launched to meet a demand from agribusiness organisations who wanted to get a real sense of candidates beyond a traditional resume. The website works to provide a virtual meeting place for graduates to interact with key organisations without the issues of distance.

In addition, the program helps to arm graduates with the job ready skills and relevant industry information to assist them secure employment within agribusiness and food companies.

This includes access to specialised training seminars and agribusiness professionals, which provides graduating students with the presentation skills, career pathways understanding and industry networking experience to assist them with securing a position in the agribusiness sector.

Many participants have gone on to work within these organisations and through the program, developed a greater understanding of what career opportunities are available in the sector.

A decade on, Rimfire Resources has re-energised the GradLink program to deliver a virtual recruiting environment that organisations can tap into to understand firsthand the calibre of candidates – saving them time and money.

The purpose of the GradLink program is to:

After a review of the program and looking to the future needs of both students and companies and how they want to interact with each other, the New GradLink Program will utilise the consistent themes of previous programs that made it a success, but deliver them in a more contemporary and user friendly fashion.


The three main activities that Program Partners participate in are:

1.     GradLink Website – (This includes an interactive site and mobile app, accessed by secure login for both companies and students.)

The site will contain the following functions accessible only by qualified students including:

2.     Networking Events

Rimfire runs a series of GradLink networking events for program partners that want to interact face to face with graduates.  This will give companies an opportunity to discuss their business, but also directly interact with graduates and discuss their aspirations.

3.     Career Builder

Career Builder Topics are a great resource for students to gain knowledge and guidance in order to help acquire a graduate role.

Career Builders are released weekly under the following three topics and cover a range of useful information to help you stand out to potential employers.


GradLink provides graduates with access to relevant and topical agribusiness information to assist them to be job ready. This includes: